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Installation of the video surveillance systems

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One of the main activities of the company Star Technology is to provide services for the design, installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems.
The video surveillance system is an important component of protection and proper selection of the necessary equipment, competent account the location of each device; professional installation and commissioning will guarantee maximum efficiency of the whole complex security.
The employee of the company necessarily goes to examine the object.
Each situation requires an individual approach and the field survey allows us to offer the customer the most suitable options for him. Types and numbers of devices of the video surveillance systems, their location, cabling for video cameras, the need for additional functions of the entire system, etc. - All technical issues will be resolved before finalizing the project.
The company has an experience in building the video surveillance systems on the basis of Axis, Wonwoo, Hikvision, Partizan video cameras.
We are the official importers of the infrared lighting systems for TIREKS (PICs) video cameras.