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One of the activities of the company is to organize and conduct training sessions and seminars on comprehensive protection against CBRN impacts.
During the functioning period of the company, there were successfully organized and conducted a number of international training experience exchanges in the field of radiation safety, as well as seminars to improve the skills of law enforcement agencies.     

The organization of the seminars and training sessions, performed at a high level, should take into account:
•    The development of the program of the event;
•    Selection and preparation of the conference room;
•    Transfer and accommodation of participants and guests;
•    Technical equipment of the event;
•    Interpreters, provision of equipment for simultaneous translation;
•    Printing: making invitations, booklets with the program activities, etc .;
•    Photo and video shooting;
•    Organization of banquets, coffee breaks;
•    Guests leisure.

The successful organization of the seminar takes into account not only the list of the services. Therefore such important event should be performed only by the professionals.