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The company “Star Technology” solves complex problems related to the foreign trade activities and international logistics at the professional level. Our priority task is to provide a full range of services for foreign trade activities satisfying the individual needs of the client.

We develop optimal solutions, fully control the process contributing to the effective interaction of all participants optimizing time and costs.

The complex of the services includes:

1. Analysis and preparation:

2. Delivery of the goods:

3. Legalization of the imported goods:

4. Customs clearance

5. National Logistics:

Our experience has already managed to touch the successful realization of the deliveries: thermal imagers, telecommunications equipment, radiation monitoring equipment, chemical detectors, products, supplied under the International technical assistance projects and are released from taxes and other products.

With is, you will not have to think about the necessity of full-scale study of international and national legislation, its nuances and innovations, legal aspects and their implementation in practice and in your particular case. We are sure that our knowledge and experience will help you achieve the desired results with ease.