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Laying of cable systems

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Star Technology Company provides a full cycle of works related to the design, installation and technical support of SCS in small offices, and in the cases when you want to associate multiple floors or multiple buildings of the enterprise, providing:


  • Laying and welding of the fiber-optic networks;
  • Production of through holes in walls and ceilings;
  • Installation of cable channels (cable box, baseboards, etc.);
  • Installation of the system of cable trays under the ceiling;
  • Connecting cables to the rosette modules;
  • Assembling telecommunication cabinets and racks;
  • Testing SCS lines.

We strive to offer the best solution for the customer when designing SCS and LAN, and calculating the cost of the network installation. Quality and timing of the installation are defined by the presence of the vast experience of our designers, craftsmen and installers, the presence of a sufficient number of professional tools used in the high-quality materials and the desire of our company to prove itself to the customers as a reliable partner for further collaboration, as well.